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Displaying your beautiful images

As a photographer, I feel that part of my job is to help you to enjoy your images for years to come.

It's nice to have digitals to share online, but there's nothing like the joy of seeing those images that you love so much gracing the walls of your home, sitting as a conversation piece in your coffee table, making you smile and truly cherish them and share them with people that come visit you. 

Before we shoot any images, we need a plan where and how they will be displayed in your home. Creating a plan and shooting for that plan results in a session that produces beautiful art for your home. 

Please let's talk about those areas in your home where you want to display your images... perhaps a beautiful collage of your newborn images for the nursery or a giant canvas over the fireplace.  Let's talk about it. Send me pictures of those places and together we can create a wonderful wall gallery.  

I work with a professional lab that does wonderful work, not just at matching the colors of my pictures to perfection, but also providing high quality / archival products. From gallery canvas, to board mounted prints to those incredible heirloom books, they are lovely and truly are the best way to display my work.

Wall Art Packages

These are samples of the most popular wall art displays we sell.  

If these do not work for you, I am happy to help you create a custom gallery for you.

Gallery Canvas
 (3) 11x14 
 Side by side
 (4) 11x14  
 Two on top and two below or side by side
  (3) 8x11 and (3) 11 x14
 To display 3 on top and 3 below (smaller ones horizontal, larger ones vertical) 
 (4) 16x16
  Two on top and two below 
  (2) 16x20 and (1) 20x20
 The rectangular ones on the side and the square one in the middle.
 (4) 16x20
 Two on top and two below 
 (2) 16x20 and (2) 11x14
 Two on top and two below 

Here some beautiful samples to inspire you: 

30x40 Canvas

5- 10x20, 4-20x20 and 1-10x10

1- 36x24 and 3 -11x14 canvas

5- 11x14 canvas

2- 16x20 and 1-20x30 canvas

9 - 10x10 canvas

1 - 16x16 and 6- 8x10 canvas

30x40 canvas

A la Carte Prints and Wall Art

All printed products are created from high resolution digital images carefully edited by the photographer.


Heirloom Albums

Custom designed lay flat flush-mount album.

Archival quality, a memory that will last forever. 

Up to 20 pages (additional pages at extra cost)

Leather or linen cover

8x8 - $299

10x10 - $399

8x11 - $449 (landscape)

12x12 - $599


Purchasing Digital Image Rights

Digital file of the photo (as opposed to a physical print) 

Available via online download.

(Fully Edited)
Average  Price 
per unit
1 image
5 images
10 images
20 images 
 21 or more images
High Resolution Digital Images 
- Batch edited for color correction and sharpening. 
- Retouched :  Eyes are brightened, teeth are whitened, highlights are added to hair, wrinkles are softened, sun spots and acne is removed, skin is softened and has a more refreshed look,  etc. 
- Custom editing fee applies for severe acne, tattoo removal, slimming effects (double chins, waistline, etc.) or special customer requests at $100 per hour (in 15 minute increments)
- HRDI are sold with  "print release" rights, which gives you the right to reproduce these images for all your non-comercial purposes. 

Low Resolution Digital Images (available only for special events, ask for pricing)
- Suitable for online sharing or printing 4x6 and 5x7, but are not suited for larger wall art. 
- They are color corrected and image is sharpened. Image is not 100% edited like high resolution digitals.