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Head Shots

Excerpt from Wikipedia

< In theater, film, and television, actors, models, singers, and other entertainers are often required to include a head shot, along with their résumé, when applying for a job. 

Head shots feature the person in different poses and expressions to give a potential employer an idea of the subject's range of appearances or expressions. These types of head shots are called "looks". 

Head shots should also show a person as they currently appear; therefore, if an actor's hair has been recently cut or colored, they would often get a new head shot to reflect their new image. Additionally, if an actor has a scar or facial blemish, it is expected to be visible on the head shot and not digitally removed from the image. Pimples or spots are temporary and, therefore digitally retouched.

Head shots are printed in an 8"×10" format. >

Here are some of the recent head shots I have taken. 

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