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Mother's Day and Father's Day Specials

Gift Certificates 

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Easel Back Canvas

These are super beautiful, printed in very high quality fine art canvas. Meant to last forever !

They make perfect gifts for the family, for grandma & grandpa, for teacher's day and for anyone you'd want to show appreciation to this time of the year. 

One image Easel Back Canvas

5X7 (with easel)
6x6 (with easel)
  8x10 (with easel)
  11x14 (with easel)

Our Hearts belong to

Standard Options: Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma & Grandpa

Custom Options: (Example: Aunt Mary, Nana, ) +$10

8x10 (no easel)
8x10 (with easel) 
 11x14 (no easel)
 11x14 (with easel)
 12x18 (no easel)

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Family A

Family B

In Ivory and Black backgrounds. You only need to provide your family's name.

Custom Options: You can replace your family name by "Happy Mother's Day" or "Happy Father's Day" at no extra cost. 

Wall Gallery Specials 

Price valid through end of May.

Renoir Gallery - $700 - On sale for $499

Price based on 1 - 30x30 and 4-11x14 

Can also be done as 1-24x24 and 4-12x12 price $600, on sale for $399

Matisse Gallery - $725  on sale for $525

Price based on 6 - 16x16

Can also be done in 6-12x12 - $600, now $400 &

6-20x20 - $850, on sale for $649

Picasso Gallery - $750, on sale for $549

Price based on 4-24x24

Can be done 4-30x30, price $850, on sale for $649 or

4-20x20, price $650, on sale for $449

4-16x16, price $550, on sale for $349

Warhol Gallery - $950, on sale for $749

Price based on 9-20x20

Can also be done as 9-24x24 price $1050, on sale for $849 or

9-16x16 price $850, on sale for $649

9-12x12 price $700, on sale for $499

Monet Gallery -$750 - On sale for $549

Price based on 1 - 20x30 and 4-16x24

Can also be done as 1-16x24 and 4-12x18 price $650, on sale for $449

Klimt Gallery - $650, on sale for $449

Price based on 1- 24x36, 1-16x24, 1- 16x16

Chagall Gallery - $600, on sale for $399

Price based on 2-20x30 and 1-16x24

Can also be done as 3-16x24 and 1-12x18, for a smaller wall.

Van Gogh Gallery - $850, on sale for $649

Price based on 1-36x24, 4-20x20 and 2-16x20

Can also be done as 1-30x20, 4-16x16 and 2-12x18 price $750, on sale for $549

Degas Gallery - $650, on sale for $449

Price based on 1-36x36 and 2-16x16

Can also be done as 1-30x30 and 2-16x16 price $600, on sale for $400