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This gorgeous baby girl is Sullivan.

I love creating priceless memories of your baby’s first days of life. I love doing the simple and tender close ups to capture your baby's expressions, but also elaborated images like the one below of Sullivan in her little bed surrounded by roses.

Let me capture this moment for you. You’ll never regret having gorgeous images of your new little one. 


Customers ask me why do we strongly recommend scheduling their newborn session when the baby is under 10 days old. There are a several reasons: 


1. We want to capture the little details that disappear rather quick... the wrinkles, the hairy shoulders, the flaky skin. We love the soft fingernails, tiny lashes. Soon they won’t fit so tiny in your arms. The little peach fuzz on their shoulders, back and cheeks will soon be gone. Their features will change, and they won’t quite look like a newborn anymore.


2. In this stage they sleep deeply, they love to have their legs curled in to their bodies, just like they had them in the womb and they can be posed like that easily.


3. The baby acne hasn’t developed yet. 


If you are having a baby, contact Mily Cooper Photography, Los Angeles Best Maternity & Newborn Photographer:

Mily Cooper Photography specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Children and Family Photography.


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