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Newborn Photo Sessions


Congratulations and thank you so much for considering me to photograph your precious baby !

Here is some information I have put together to guide you through the process. I hope you find it helpful. Please is you have any other questions let me know. I'm super excited and can't wait to meet you and your bundle of joy !!!

Booking your session

- The best time to book your newborn photo session is during your second trimester.

- I book a limited number of newborn sessions each week / month to ensure I am able to accommodate everyone, regardless of whether a baby decides to arrive early or late, so it's best to book as soon as possible to secure a spot.

- For optimal results, newborns should be photographed 5-10 days after birth, when they are still super sleepy and squishy.

- You can have a newborn session after the recommended age, however it will be harder to get the typical "curly" in-utero poses that characterize newborn pictures, as the baby starts stretching his limbs and gains awareness.

- Another potential problem with photographing babies over 2 weeks is that many of them develop baby acne. Sometimes, it can be severe acne, so you definitely want to avoid that and get the pictures while your baby's skin is still flawless and soft.

- In order to book your session, a deposit and signed contract is needed.

- Also, if you have not done it yet, please fill the Newborn Questionnaire.


- Please discuss any particular ideas, props, colors or poses you have in mind a few weeks prior to your session, so that I can properly execute them.

- I have handmade bonnets, blankets, headbands and other props in every color, that I have handpicked from the best providers all over the world. Materials are organic and soft (mohair, baby alpaca, wool, silk, etc.) and designs are beautiful. You can see a lot of them in my pictures, but I am constantly adding new pieces to my huge collection. Some moms like neutral colors, some moms like pops of color or they want colors to match the nursery... with your input, I will style your baby for the session.

Siblings / Other Children

- Children that are not being photographed, are not allowed in the studio.

- Children that are being photographed are only allowed in the studio during the time they are being photographed. It is extremely important to have a calm, peaceful and most importantly safe environment during the session. Please plan in advance for someone to take your little one until the session is over.

Baby's Arrival

- Call me or text me as soon as the baby arrives to re-confirm our appointment / reschedule.


- Indoor sessions are shot in my home studio in Woodland Hills. I have wonderful light. I have all my props and backdrops here as well a quiet, private and comfortable setting for you to relax and enjoy your baby.

- I have a heater to keep the baby super warm and comfortable, around 80F, please wear comfortable and cool clothes.

- I no longer shoot at my client's residence as this was done to accommodate tired parents; however all the props and equipment can be very invasive in your home, not to mention, I do not know if your place has natural light where we need to set up.

Newborn Sessions Outdoors

- If interested in an outdoor session, please be aware that outdoor locations are chosen by me, to ensure that the place is quiet and protected from the sun.

- Also temperature has to be warm, around 80F. hence if we set a date ahead of time that turns out to be cold, we would have to move the session to my studio or reschedule, if possible.

What do you need to bring

- Baby's milk. Bring extra in a bottle (5-6oz) to make sure the baby does not go hungry and cranky.

- Pacifier.

- A snack and water for you.

- Extra clothes for you and the baby, in case we have an accident.

- Comfortable, cool clothes, remember the studio will be warm to provide comfort to the baby.

- A chair if we are shooting outdoors.

Including mom & dad in the shots

One of the most common questions I get asked by my clients before their newborn session is “Do most of your clients do parent shots as well?” I know what drives the question. You just had a newborn and you could not be more tired. The very thought of having to get the baby as well as yourself ready can be overwhelming. My answer is always YES !!!

Newborns change so much during those first few weeks that being able to document that initial bond between mother and a child is truly priceless and you will not have a second chance to do it.

Do not worry about being ready ahead of time. Mom and dad you can relax and slowly get ready while I 

photograph your baby.

What to wear for portraits - Parents & Siblings

- If the session is in the studio, we have to consider the color backdrop we want. I have some light ones and some dark ones. Generally light colors work well with light backdrops, so mom can wear a tan, white or black camisole, dad a white or black simple shirt and if comfortable, we can do pictures with the baby skin to skin. Light backdrops produce aery images.

- Dark backdrops work well with darker clothes in my opinion, although light clothes may work too.

- Sisters generally are posed in a wrap and brothers are posed shirtless (jeans below) hugging the baby in the rug.

Alternatively, they can wear simple light cotton outfits with no logos, busy prints or striking colors.

- Below you can find some samples of what people are wearing for their newborn studio session .

- If the session is outdoors, I recommend the ladies in summer dresses, some color. Men and boys in white shirts and jeans. Colors should not clash with each other. Also white cotton dresses work really nice. These sessions should have a more romantic look than standard family sessions, since the center of the shoot is the newborn baby.

On the day of the shoot

- Keep the baby awake before the shoot, if possible.

- Upon arrival to my studio, undress the baby (leave diaper on, but loose) and wrap him/her with a blanket. Feed and burp the baby and make sure he is satisfied and happy so that he can fall asleep.

- Do not stress out about how long it takes. The session generally lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the baby's willingness to sleep and mood. The key is to be patient and just let it be.

- The baby will be naked in some of the shots, however the poses will not show their private parts.

- During the session, we will take the necessary breaks to feed the baby whenever needed.


- For me, the most important thing during the session is your newborn baby's safety.

- The poses that I choose to do are very organic and under no circumstance I will position the baby in a pose that seems uncomfortable, unnatural or unsafe for him /her.

- When photographing twins, I always have an experienced assistant help me to ensure their safety.

- And yes, I am up to date in all my vaccines (TDAP, flu, etc.) Your baby is in good hands. 

- Both, me and my assistant are Covid vaccinated