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Welcome to my World !
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THIS IS HOW I TELL your Story !
I strive to capture your true personality and feelings in my images.
Below you can see samples of recent sessions I've done. For more samples of my portfolio,
you can also check the individual categories. Thanks !
Mily Cooper Photography - Los Angeles Best Newborn and Maternity Photographer
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Welcome to my World !
welcome (13).jpg

When photographing a small child, patience is key.... Parents and I have to become something that catches their attention... You'll hear singing, weird animal sounds, or see me running around, anything goes, but it's all for fun...

I try to say silly things, catch them off guard because they are too young to follow direction or sit still and that's OK, that's part of being a small kid and photo shoots should be fun... I have a lot of patience, I never ran out of it... believe me... and when I get "the shot", the workout definitely pays off.

Here are some of the little children I have photographed in the last months. Enjoy !

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