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My name is Mily Cooper ...
I am the mother of 2 beautiful and rambunctious kids Sophia and Benny and the wife of a a super sweet guy who happens to be a rocket scientist, no kidding :-)
I also have a son in Heaven, Danny. He passed away in an accident in August 2011. I couldn't explain who I am, if I didn't tell you about him, because even though he was with us for only 2 years, his life and death have shaped who we are.
After his passing, a lot changed inside of me. I finally understood that it was time to make drastic changes in my life. I left my software engineering career of 20 years to pursue my photography dream. I feel incredibly blessed because I am able to make a living doing something I love.
Some people ask me why there's a penguin in my logo. Danny was obsessed with penguins, and I like to keep him close to me everyday, like a guardian angel.
Another important thing about me is that I love to travel and I'm an archaeology nuts. My travels have taken me to a lot of incredible places all over the world (30+ countries) and I have met wonderful people along the way.
Maybe because I was born in Peru, most of my childhood I wanted to be an archaeologist and live a life of adventures like my biggest hero, Indiana Jones. The closest I've got to that experience, was when I went backpacking through Asia and visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Back in 2001, there were no tourists yet and I had the most incredible sites all to myself. All I could hear was really loud insects. A real thrill that's ingrained in my memory
My kids love to travel as well. My eldest has developed a passion for architecture and art from our travels. 
Another thing that is big for me is volunteering of my kids theater and music programs. . If you know me, you'll know I spend half of my week volunteering. It's important for me to give and to be close to my kids and I am so lucky they love musical theater, singing, playing the guitar, jazz. Geez, I am lucky to have kids with such great taste, lol !
I've loved taking pictures longer than I can remember. My camera came in handy in all my travels but I discovered that more than photographing places, I enjoyed photographing people.
My husband says I have an ability to make strangers very comfortable and that's how I can get honest portraits of people I barely know.
My personal style in photography aims to capture one's true nature and personality. I love capturing people doing the things they love. I want to tell their story, their dreams, capture their inner beauty through my lens.
What inspires me? Laughter, color, nature, connection, passion, families showing their love for each other, children's giggles, innocence, joy...
My story... I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a traveler, an adventure seeker, a photographer, an engineer /geek, a story teller, an optimist (for sure), a perfectionist, a best friend, a dreamer, an animal lover...
And since I started this venture, an entrepreneur... Glad to add that one to the list!
But enough about me... I really want to hear all about you.... I want to capture YOUR STORY ...
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