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Welcome to my World !
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THIS IS HOW I TELL your Story !
I strive to capture your true personality and feelings in my images.
Below you can see samples of recent sessions I've done. For more samples of my portfolio,
you can also check the individual categories. Thanks !
Mily Cooper Photography - Los Angeles Best Newborn and Maternity Photographer
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Welcome to my World !
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Breastfeeding / Bonding with Baby Sessions

I have started doing these sessions because there's nothing sweeter in the world than capturing a mom nurturing her baby with love and food... Capturing that special bond, that special moment is what this is all about.

Some of us may have had it easy. Milk just came and maybe with the help of a good lactation consultant, we mastered that once painful latch...

Some of us have struggled a lot to breastfeed so this is a true celebration of that achievement...

Some of us may not have been that lucky and we had to feed with a bottle. Mom, that's OK.

For me, that was my 3rd child. No matter how much I tried, milk never came and at some point I decided that I would only do the bottle. I became that nurturing mom again (instead of that stressed person with sore breasts and obsessed with the few ounces I could make a day)

Motherhood is not easy and this is just the beginning...

But these moments of pure joy feeding and bonding with our babies are some of the moments we want to remember forever.

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