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What to wear for your Senior Session this summer !

It is super important to plan for your outfits ahead of time to avoid last minute stress. 
First of all look at what you already have and which pieces define you. Definitely we want to consider them in your shoot. 
Second, location. 
Third, number of outfits needed. Depending on how long is your session, I recommend 3-6 outfits. 
You definitely want at least one cute dress, a pair of fashionable jeans, a couple of tops, a jean jacket / other jackets and accessories to easily add variation to your looks. 
My favorite stores/brands to shop are: Free People, Anthropologie, H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, Forever 21, JCrew, etc.

Summer Dresses
Thank you Los Angeles for giving us sun practically all year round !
It's always nice to incorporate a super feminine dress. 
Maxi dresses with ample skirts look amazing and allow us to capture wonderful movement. 
Midi dresses are super cute and quirky, definitely make a statement.
Can't forget your minis, they will never go out of style ;-)
How to wear them? Maxis with sandals, minis with boots /booties. And we'll talk about accessories down below.

Ethnical Accents

I am crazy over pieces that remind me of clothing I have seen in my travels. Pieces that bring the best memories of worldly adventures.

This year I am seeing tops and skirts with geometric motives from my country, Peru. Lots of tassels from Thailand, golden colors from Tibet... Just amazing how fashion can be inspired by styles that have been around for thousands of years and make them totally fresh and cool. Wear them with shorts and boots or killer jeans.

Your best denim

Definitely bring your favorite jeans and I always, always ask for a jean jacket, such a versatile piece.


I don't recommend tops with slogans for family sessions, however, for Senior Portraits, they are definitely in, as long as they mean something to you. If you are into music, why not wear your favorite band's tee or if you believe in something in particular, definitely make it a statement.

Colorful kimono

Yes, kimonos are still in and always look adorable with shorts and sandals or booties.

Great for the beach, trails, fairs.

Band Jacket

I find it irresistible... year after year, is back and never loses it coolness. If you have one, bring it... a direct reference to my favorite band, The Beatles. Love them for more urban settings.

Leather Jacket

If you are that chick or that guy that wears his/her leather jacket with everything, please let's incorporate it in the shoot.


From a cute beret to wear around town, to those gorgeous Spanish styled / boho sombreros to motorcycle caps, bring what best reflects your personality. Hats are always fabulous for close ups and give us an element to play with.