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Children Session in the Westlake Village trails

What a beautiful afternoon I had capturing these two little sisters !

I've photographed Autumn before, but this was the first time photographing Callie.

Autumn was born to model, I think... She's so lady like and so composed and her body moves with the grace of an experienced ballet dancer. Callie on the contrary is spunky and giggly, so funny and just too darn adorable.

I literally had so much fun. I love photographing children. It's not always easy, but when they get comfortable and are ready to show their personalities, it's pure joy.

This is one of my favorite locations in the Conejo Valley. The light is dreamy and it feels like we are in a deep forest.

Contact me if you want me to capture your little princess, I can provide the wardrobe and styling for you. 

Mily Cooper Photography - Best Los Angeles Children Photographer


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