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Newborn Photography

"I regret investing in a newborn photo session" said ... NO MOM... EVER

I love photographing newborns and infants...  Tiny fingers and toes, pouty little mouths and bodies curling up as if still in their mother's wombs... Is there something more precious than a brand new, tiny baby...  ??? ... I think not...

As a mother myself, I wanted to keep in my mind those days forever... I photographed my kids as newborns and also every little milestone of their development through their first year of age... tummy time, sitting, their first tooth...  It is through my pictures that I keep those priceless memories vivid... Sometimes looking at those pictures, I barely recognize them. They've grown and changed so fast, it is hard to believe...

If you are interested in being part of my "Baby Plan", and capturing your baby's journey from maternity to first year of age,  click here for more info.

These are a few of the newborns I have photographed these last years... lovely angels... I feel as they are a little bit mine... Enjoy !

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